Court Reform

Court Reform

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The same motivation seen with DCF, GREED, is also seen behind the forced separation of parents in family courts. If one of the parents has less than 50/50 time sharing, he/she is forced to pay child support, and for every dollar the states spend in child support, the federal government reimburses 66 cents back (so for every $1 the states spend, they receive $1.98 dollars back, a 98% ROI) plus billions in incentives to the states, as per Title IV-D of the social security, which is used among other things to pay the same judges who are giving these orders,  a conflict of interest to say the least. So even though 50/50 time should be the law in Florida, judges in many cases ignore this under the excuse of the “best interest of the children” when in reality they are motivated by the desire to fill the state coffers and pay their own salaries and benefits.  In other words, as these testimonies show: GREED has replaced the rule of law.

A recent example of this greed is Governor Scott’s recent veto of SB 668, bill here. Governor Scott, a lawyer, pandered to the “best interest of the Florida Bar” instead of the “best interest of the children.”  He ignored all the evidence that proves that shared parenting is best for children, a fact with the endorsement of 110 world experts and 43 peer reviewed papers, and favored by 70% of the Population.

On the other hand, our present Senators and House Representatives have done little to nothing to protect our children and families ignoring the plight of these children and their families. Similar abuses are taking place with the elderly under Guardianship programs (1, 2) with home and condo owners through foreclosure and homeowner associations, and with Florida families and our youth in family and juvenile courts. To stop these crimes, we call you to unite with ONE voice and make a revolutionary statement that these crimes MUST and WILL stop. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell; So, join us in the Parents’ Right Revolution.

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