DCF Gets Up To 200% Return On Investment

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” Abraham Lincoln.  The American Parents’ Pledge ( ESPAÑOL AQUÍ):

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Quotes from Title IV of the Social Security:

(3) subject to section 472(i) an amount equal to the sum of the following proportions of the total amounts expended during such quarter as found necessary by the Secretary for the provision of child placement services and for the proper and efficient administration of the State plan—

In lay terms, for every dollar DCF spends in training personnel , it receives three dollars from the federal government:

(A) 75 per centum of so much of such expenditures as are for the training (including both short-and long-term training at educational institutions through grants to such institutions or by direct financial assistance to students enrolled in such institutions) of personnel employed or preparing for employment by the State agency or by the local agency administering the plan in the political subdivision,

And, for every dollar DCF spends in travel and per diem expenses for the short-term training…, it receives three dollars from the federal government:

(B) 75 percent of so much of such expenditures (including travel and per diem expenses) as are for the short-term training of current or prospective parents or relative guardians, the members of the staff of State-licensed or State-approved child care institutions providing care, or State-licensed or State-approved child welfare agencies providing services, to foster or adoptive children receiving assistance under this part, and members of the staff of abuse and neglect courts, agency attorneys, attorneys representing children or parents, guardians ad litem, or other court-appointed special advocates representing children in proceedings of such courts, in ways that increase the ability of such current or prospective parents, guardians, staff members, institutions, attorneys and advocates to provide support and assistance to foster and adopted children, and children living with relative guardians whether incurred directly by the State or by contract,

And, for every dollar DCF spends in planning, design, development…, it receives two dollars from the federal government:

(C) 50 percent of so much of such expenditures as are for the planning, design, development, or installation of statewide mechanized data collection and information retrieval systems (including 50 percent of the full amount of expenditures for hardware components for such systems) but only to the extent that such systems—

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