Dear Senator/Representative

Dear Senator/Representative,

What does planned parenthood have in common with the divorce industry and the Department of Children and Families (DCF)? They are all federally funded.  Over 24 million children live in single parent homes[1] due to these incentives, in what experts consider a form of government-sponsored child trafficking[2].  All over America today, children are separated from parents without due process of law, with many of them ending up dying or being abused, as in Florida, for example, where more than 534 lost their lives in a six-year period[3], or as the recent live Facebook suicide of 14-year-old, Nakia Venant, showed.  Nakia was separated from her mother for mere allegations of corporal punishment at the tender age of 7.  In a foster home, she was raped by 14-year-old boy under DCF care.  Nakia committed suicide January 22, 2017, as so many other children do as a consequence of custodial interference, an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) that not only doubles the likelihood to be diagnosed with cancer and depression[4], but also increases suicide ideation by 350%[5].  At the core of Nakia’s suicide and many other DCF atrocities are federally funded Title IV-E incentives[6].

Similarly, millions of children are growing up without a parent because of state-sponsored division of the natural family via Title IV-D[7] of the social security which pays approximately one dollar for every dollar the state can extort from non-custodial parents in the form of child support.  These state incentives encourage an environment of unaccountable government corruption as evidenced by over 4,500 complaints received by[8]; some of these victims’ affidavits are attached with this letter. The greatest victims of these crimes are the children.  Statistically, these children are far more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, commit a crime, or perform below their peers in education[9].  The very survival of this nation depends on protecting the natural family. Weaken the natural family and you weaken the very fabric of society, leading to its ultimate demise.  Therefore, via this letter, we are asking you the following:

1. Help us defund state/federal anti-life, anti-natural family programs, and replace them with pro-life and pro-natural family programs.  Instead of our state/federal funds promoting abortion, let them provide incentives for promoting alternatives to abortion including programs that support family incentives to help relatives considering abortion…a call for family intervention!

2.  For parents going through the dependency courts, allow the parents to have a voice in their role and ability to parent, and increase measures to reunify them with their children in a timely and reasonable fashion whenever possible.

3.  Instead of incentivizing children separation from parents, promote programs to keep children with both parents. Today, only 1/10 of the money spent by DCF is used in family education/reunification programs[6].  This must change.

4.  In the unfortunate event of divorce, we demand equal/shared parenting BY DEFAULT without ANY legal fees.  The passing of Florida’s SB 668[10], for instance, would be a good start.

5.  Investigate and impeach corrupt government officials, and institutions involved in the affidavits attached.
Thanks for your time and attention.

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