“The system is so bad your jaw would drop.” That gut-wrenching reaction is what compelled Director/ Producer Mari Frankel to make, Foster Shock.  Please watch and share Foster Shock Documentary.

This is happening all over U.S.A. Watch here:  The password is “foster

Do you want a better future for you and your family? I am sure you do. Then, you need to get involved. These children are suffering unnecessarily, and end up in a life of poverty and crime because we refuse to get involved. Prevention is the key. We can prevent the increase in crimes and poverty by attacking these problems head on. I know we can count on your support. Please, share nationwide. 
One of the most important documentaries to save the children and families of our nation. The solution: stop profiting from the suffering of children and families by defunding Title IV-D and IV-E social security, the programs aiding and abetting in these crimes.
Dr. Jimenez,

Taking Our Families Back