Get Trump’s Attention

These coming months will be essential for family court and Child Protective Service (CPS) reform because if we are able to defund Title IV-D and IV-E in the upcoming budget battle, we would be essentially draining the swamp (taking away the financial incentives) in these highly corrupt government institutions.  To achieve this goal, we must make sure Trump and his administration understand that by defunding these programs, they would not only save tax payers billions of dollars per year, but they would be saving the very foundation of this nation, the natural family, the union between a man and a woman to raise children.

But, how do we call Trump’s attention, and make sure that he answers our call for help?  We must speak with one voice using Trump’s prefer method of communication, Twitter.  We must all tweet the same message to him, and keep on repeating until we make sure President Trump responds to our message.  Below are instructions of how to do this:

  1. Get notifications every time President Trump tweets:
  2. Timing is extremely important, so as soon as you receive a message from President Trump, you must reply as follows (to appear on top, you must reply within seconds, so be ready):
  3. Tweet this message:
    @realDonaldTrump Please help us prevent veterans’ suicides #MAGA

Taking Our Families Back