Open letter to Dr. Rand Paul

Open letter to Dr. Rand Paul:

When voting from now on, just remember this: Vote For Anyone, But restore the checks and balances of our nation. Mario Jimenez, M.D., "Soul of a child, heart of a Lion."
When voting from now on, just remember this: Vote For Anyone, But Attorneys…to restore the checks and balances of our nation. Mario Jimenez, M.D., “Soul of a child, heart of a Lion.”

Dear Dr. Paul,

As a fellow doctor, and Christian, I would like to request your help to stop the silent Holocaust caused by DCF and family courts nationwide.  I came to find out about these silent crimes when my children were removed from my custody for no other reason than allegations that my children were scared because of me praying with them the Armor of God of Ephesians 6.  Despite abundant evidence that these claims were false, corrupt attorneys and DCF agents conspired to commit fraud upon the courts, with the full knowledge of judges that they were doing so, and I have not been able to freely see my kids for three years.  Details here:

This trial was a blessing that opened my eyes to the suffering of children and families all across this nation, and has driven me to organize a movement to reform DCF and family courts, first in Florida, the state with the highest number of children dead under the care of DCF (
), and then nationwide.  I believe that your support defending children and families could catapult you to the top in the Republican nomination race, and could ensure your candidacy.  The defense of the family is perhaps the most important issue in 2016, but no presidential candidate is talking about it at this time.  Those who hate this nation and want to destroy it are doing so from within by disintegrating families, and we must stop them (

To save this nation and our families, we must restore the checks and balances so necessary in a Republic as our forefathers warned us, For this reason, Americans must “vote for doctors, or anyone else, but attorneys”.  I would greatly appreciate if you direct one of your aids to get in touch with us at  We would like to thank you in advance for your response and are looking forward to our continued cooperation.  May God bless you and this most glorious nation, the U.S.A., one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Please visit VoteFamily.Us and VoteFamilia.Us for more information.


Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.
The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you and this nation.


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  1. I am in ky Dr Rand Paul. I am in court of appeals. Social services approved my home and background check. The courts differ cause in court the GAL attorney said he was a foster child and my grandson would be off with foster family. Judge said I don’t think you want him anyway. I am denied. Is that a good reason to deny family rights to their grandchildren? I am in Warren County ky. No one will help me. I have contacted every person I know. They say go here go there. We are being forced to be without our families. We are a good Christian home. We are fighting so hard. Please help us in the name of Jesus. Oh they did say in court I am a good grandmother they couldn’t find no wrong in me. But denied. Another grandmother same system is being denied her grandchild too. She is a school bus driver for children going from homes to school. How can the same system deny her also? They claim the kids would not be safe with her cause she might bring the kids around her son. MIGHT. Wow. She also past her background check and housing approved. Look at the media. It has blown up with people suing the states. I am in that same boat o want to sue for our rights to be a family. I have never abused my kids and the ONLY reason my daughter is losing her child is because of her past. Hanging around the wrong people back then. For 3 yrs she has passed all drug test and went to drug rehab but that’s not good enough for them. I was told they are just out to get her and I believe that at this point. Please if you can help I pray you do. God bless our country and free our families in the name of Jesus

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