Planned Parenthood Family Court DCF Child Trafficking Exposed, Through Tax Dollars?

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The Light’s Truth Uncovers, Destroys God’s Adversaries While Protecting Children

What does Planned Parenthood, State Sponsored Child Trafficking and the epidemic of children being raised by single parents have in common?They are all caused by federal subsidies that provide financial bonuses to State Programs targeting the family for destruction under the color of law.

Nearly two children per week are killed under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (last count 534+ in the last six years in Florida as per the Miami Herald,, and many more are taken away from parents even when this is not in the best interest of the children for mainly monetary reasons, see videowhistleblower testimony, and Dr. Susan Evans’ case.

The Problems:

Throughout America, Federally sponsored state programs target children, removing children from parents without the due process of law, where hundreds of  children end up murdered or abused.  In Florida, more than 534 children lost their lives under the authority of DCF Child Protective Services in the last six years:, details here: www.VoteFamily.Us.  Federal Funds provide incentives through Title IV-E, the core of these atrocities .

Similarly, millions of children grow up without a parent because state sponsored division of the family via title IV-D financial incentive to take children without due process. The social security then doubles every dollar the state gets from non-custodial parents in child support. Any time child support is reduced the state treasuries are penalized.  This state incentive drives financial modus operandi to separate children from one or both of the parents with life long, disastrous consequences  to the children and society. Dr. Craig Childress states in a Youtube presentation that damage from long term Parental Alienation eclipses long term sexual abuse – the most severe type of abuse.

Statistically, these children experience intolerable or lethal levels of  violence, commit suicide, grow up in continuing cycles of poverty,  drug dependent, commit crimes or perform substandard academically below peers in contributing to the destabilization of the families, also to the the deterioration of society as a whole:

Common solutions:

1. Defund these anti-life, anti-family federally funded programs, and replace them with pro-life and pro-family ones.

2. Defund federal funds promoting and subsidizing abortion, let them promote adoption;

3. Rather than subsidizing childrens’ separation from anyones parents, let us promote programs to keep children with both parents. The very survival of this nation depends on it. Weaken the family, and you weaken society. Continue in the path of destruction of the family and our nation will be destroyed. It is time the body of Christ unites to bring God’s adversaries under the footstool of Christ.

Why am I so on fire to defend life and the family? Because God allowed me to see the putrefaction of the soul of our government, and the need for restoration of its soul, which not only has removed God from the public square, has unconstitutionally redefined marriage, and has not only removed prayer from school, but is trying to remove prayer from home as well as they did to me back in July 20th of 2012 as described in my personal story here:

“The Lord (God) says to my Lord (the Messiah), Sit at My right hand, until I make Your adversaries Your footstool. The Lord will send forth from Zion the scepter of Your strength; rule, then, in the midst of Your foes. Your people stand ready on your day of battle. In holy grandeur, from the dawn’s womb, fight! Your youthful strength is like the dew itself” (Psalm 110:1-3).

But the Lord is my strength and what the evil one meant for harm, God has used for good, and to bring glory to His name. I and a number of parents are running for state Senate and house of representative seats and will start to reform these programs at our local level. Please see campaign sites www.VoteFamily.Us and www.VoteFamilia.Us.

What do we ask from you?

1. Contact your  presidential candidates, Federal legislators and State Legislators,  to make these topics a priority in the national debate; to find those legislators go to the following links:

State Legislators:

2. Forward this email to your church leadership and ask for their support to defund these programs.

3. Finally,  forward this email to all those in your congregation who are victims of child protective services and family court’s unwarranted and unconstitutional removal of their children and have them join a national class action lawsuit for the full restoration of their child custody rights under law, plus a nice share of a large amount in civil damages. Please, see details here: They can also click here to automatically go to the registration form and join as part of our team.

4. Contact us for assistance with media projects to Federal, State and Local legislators.

5. Support and

Planned Parenthood, Family Court, DCF Child Trafficking Exposed

Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.

The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

Planned Parenthood Family Court DCF Child Trafficking Exposed

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