The root cause of school shootings is fatherlessness…

The root cause of school shootings is fatherlessness, and  “the root of fatherlessness rests in two things: our culture’s dismissal of men as valuable human beings who have something unique to offer; and its dismissal of marriage as an institution that’s crucial to the health and well-being of children.”  Read article: Missing fathers and America’s broken boys – the vast majority of mass shooters come from broken homes.

I can testify to these two factors after losing custody of my two older children, who included my oldest boy for no other reason than reading the Bible and praying with him (had I have been reading the Koran to my children, this probably would have never happened).  My son went from being a top student in his class to one of the worsts, and being diagnosed with major depression and PTSD after his forced separation.  The separation of a child from a parent increases suicidal ideation in that child by about 350%, and a similar increase is expected in homicidal ideation since both suicidal and homicidal ideation are linked.
How is that possible in the USA you may ask? Well, today’s family courts are basically trafficking children incentivized by a financial interest in separating a parent, the main earner in the family, which is usually the man, but is increasingly also the woman, and making him/her the noncustodial parent. For every dollar these courts can collect from these noncustodial parents in child support, the government collects two dollars from the federal government social security fund. These funds represent hundreds of billions of dollars each year. So, as a matter of fact, our very own government policies are causing a fatherless generation with terrible consequences as attested by these terrible shootings.  Watch documentary explaining these facts here:
Dr. Mario Jimenez
Florida Lieutenant Governor 2018
You can read my testimony and see all evidence in my case here:
Read also Dr. Stephen Baskerville: Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family.
We need to open our eyes. Most people in America today do not realize the following:  “The government is engaged in a massive war on fathers. [The] crisis of fatherhood is almost entirely the creation of the government. It’s government hoax. Fathers are the main obstacle to the government’s expansion of power.”

Taking Our Families Back