Candidates for South Florida State Office (visite la página en español www.VoteFamilia.Us)

Mrs. Mercedes Christian in Senate District 35
Dr. Mario Jimenez in Senate District 37
Mrs. Alaina Pasto in Senate District 39

in State House District 100

in State House District 108

in State House District 109

in State House District 112

in State House District 113

in State House District 114

Mrs. Susie Lamigueiro
in State House District 115

in State House District 116

Mrs. Patricia Agosto in State House District 117


Mr. Arthur Sosa in State House District 118

in State House District 119

in State
House District 120

in State House District
in State House District
in State House District
in State House District
in State
www.Votefamilia.us and www.Saynotopas.com

Where – Miami, Florida.

  • Who we are – www.Votefamily.us

  • For Family Restoration and Protection
  • We are Patriots who love our constitution and families
  • We are Regular citizens.
  • We are Patriots; we love the One True Living God, U.S.A and the U.S Constitution
  • We are Not Lawyers.
  • We are Not career politicians.
  • What we Believe

  • Just and fair courtrooms free from cronyism and corruption.
  • Our Family courts require redesign to better preserve posterity for our children.
  • Parental Alienation is Child Abuse and is unacceptable.
  • Main Goals:

  • Reform the Department of Children and Families.
  • Create ways to enact and enforce laws that protect our children, our youth, our elderly, and our families.
  •  Make government servants accountable for their actions protecting the citizens of our state.
  • Increase public transparency at all levels of the executive, legislative,  and judicial branches of our state.

We need your help. If interested in running with our coalition check your district here: http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/
, and send us an e-mail to votefamilyus@gmail.com.

If your families are or have been under attack, join us at Family Court Legal Abuse Support Group.

We believe that “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” -Abraham Lincoln, and that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” -Ronald Reagan; for these reasons, we have decided to run for offices.


The more we think about a solution to stop the killing and abuse of our children and elderly while in the care of the state of Florida, the more we realize that the solution requires the involvement of our community, and it is not a one man’s show. We need many more candidates to run. 20 Senate seats could be available in 2016, all odd numbers, and all of the house of representatives, 120 seats.

We are a coalition of ordinary Florida citizens from all walks of life very concerned with the safety and well-being of our children and families. We believe that we must unite to defend our families for their is great power in unity: “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken”  (Ecclesiastes 4:12). We are an army parents defending our children.

DCF Reform

Almost on a weekly basis two children are killed under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (last count 534+ in the last six years in Florida as per the Miami Herald, http://pubsys.miamiherald.com/projects/2014/innocents-lost/database/), and many more are taken away from parents even when this is not in the best interest of the children for mainly monetary reasons, see video.

What’s causing the DCF deaths and the separation of our families? One word summarizes it: GREED. DCF prefers to place children in foster homes or give them for adoption than to give them to family members because for every dollar it spends in foster homes, it receives three dollars from the federal government, a 200% return on investment (ROI) on top of monthly payments received for each foster child, and the bonuses received per adoption, all of which amounts to a highly sophisticated form of child trafficking as reported HERE similar to the Kids for Cash case in Pennsylvania, as described by the believed to have been murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer.

Don’t believe it? see testimony from Legal Aid attorney before Florida Supreme Court committee explaining how parents victims of domestic violence may lose custody of their children when they go before a judge for a restraining order seeking protection from their attackers and end up being separated from their children because “as a matter of law” they “have failed to protect their children from witnessing domestic violence:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBSfLGjMGAs&feature=em-share_video_user.  Take a look at three of these victims testifying at these hearings. The second woman is Yarmila Castellanos, had her 3 day-old baby removed from her arms by DCF for no other reason than reporting domestic violence while her three other children were at home:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH5Qhjjm4Nc&feature=em-share_video_user. Unfortunately, these abuses cause great detrimental effects not only to the parents, but most importantly to the innocent children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ovIJ3dsNk&feature=youtu.be. And, one of the main targets of these gruesome acts are the disabled as per a recent investigation by the Department of Justice: http://www.ada.gov/doj_hhs_ta/child_welfare_ta.html.

Or, take for example, the widely known case of Nubia Barahona described here, www.SayNoToPAS.com. A judge, and DCF ignored clear and convincing evidence that the Barahona children were being abused and neglected based solely in what seemed to be an unprofessional and biased report of a psychologist, Vanessa Archer, who has shown similar behavior in other cases, 1, 2. Despite responsible family members requesting custody of minor children, the Barahona children were left with the foster care abusers for no other reasonable explanation than monetary reasons. A few months later, Nubia Barahona was murdered at the hands of the foster parents, see report, and diagram explaining what some have termed the Family Court Cartel.

The same greed motivation is behind the forced separation of parents in family courts. If one of the parents has less than 50/50 time sharing, he/she is forced to pay child support, and for every dollar the states spend in child support, the federal government reimburses 66 cents back (so for every $1 the states spend, they receive $1.98 dollars back, a 98% ROI) plus millions in incentives to the states, as per Title IV-D of the social security, which is used among other things to pay the same judges who are giving these orders,  a conflict of interest to say the least. So even though 50/50 time sharing is the law in Florida, judges in many cases ignore this under the excuse of the “best interest of the children” when in reality they are motivated by the desire to fill the state coffers and pay their own salaries and benefits.  In other words, as these testimonies show: GREED has replaced the rule of law.

Our present Senators and House Representatives have done little to nothing to protect our children and families ignoring the plight of these children and their families. Similar abuses are taking place with the elderly under Guardianship programs (1, 2) with home and condo owners through foreclosure and homeowner associations, and with Florida families and our youth in family and juvenile courts.

We can do Better for Our Kids

We believe that our Florida legislators can and must do better. For this purpose, a number of us have decided to run for Senate and House Representative Seats all across South Florida. We invite you to join us in defending our children and families by voting for Mrs. Mercedes Christian in Senate District 35, Dr. Mario Jimenez in Senate District 37, Mrs. Sheila George in Senate District 39, Mrs. Susie Lamigueiro in State House District 115, Mrs. Caridad Calderin in State House District 116, Patricia Agosto in State House District 117, Mr. Arthur Sosa in State House District 118, and Mr. Carlos Castro in State House District 120.

Where’s the Outrage?

If you feel as outraged as we do for the deaths of these innocent children, we invite you to vote for us. Let’s send a strong message to career politicians that the people of Florida will not tolerate this any longer. VoteFamily.us

 The media doesn’t want to hear us, but I bet they will start paying attention once we get a few of these Senators and House Representatives out of their seats.
We have formed a Coalition for the Children and the Families/ Coalición para los Niños y las Familias
This is our message to those tired of the killing of our children. UNITE: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsgaFKwUA6g
We support the efforts of a true American hero, Dr. Richard Fine, and the campaign for Judicial Integrity: http://www.campaignforjudicialintegrity.org/

We also agree with Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent statements on the abuse of the Judiciary. Writing of Obergefell, Mr. Justice Scalia said: “Today‘s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court … This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.”

In light of the lawless decision of these five Supreme Court Judges, another American hero has come up with a plan: Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing. By Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

“We will not bow down to the evil that has held hostages our children, but will fight it and destroy it, not only for them but for the many other children who are suffering like ours are. Watch and see the victory the Lord will give us for his Glory in Christ Jesus.” Mario Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”  Mahatma Gandhi.

If not registered to vote, please do so now. Our children need your vote: https://www.voterfocus.com/ws/pfinder/printvapp4.php?county=miamidade. Even if some may steal the election as done in the past, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAni0WoI7LI&feature=youtu.be, we will send a strong message to our legislators in 2016 that the killing and destruction of our families will no longer be tolerated..

To find out your senator and house representative visit:


Favorite Quotes: http://saynotopas.com/quotes/  Spanish
Coalition: http://saynotopas.com/coalition/
The Great Speech before the American Bar Association: http://saynotopas.com/aba/
Judicial Accountability: http://saynotopas.com/outside-the-box/
The American Lawyer: https://kateofgaia.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/american-lawyer-1907.pdf
Coming races:  Senate District 31Senate District 33. House District 105District 106District 107District 108District 109District 110District 111District 112District 113District 114District 115District 119,

To find out your senator and house representative visit:

Senate seats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_Senate
To find out if your Senate district is up for re-election, enter your zip code here: https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/Find

Number of petition signatures needed for state senate districts: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/694105/petition-requirements-state-senator.pdf
Number of petition signatures needed for House Representative districts: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/694107/petition-requirements-state-representative.pdf

So Far we have three district Senate seats challenged for 2016:

District 35 (2,589 signatures needed): Mercedes Christian
Information: http://www.fundacionlideresdepaz.org/
Current Representatives:

District 37 (2,698 signatures needed): Mario Jimenez, M.D., B.E.E.E.
Information: http://saynotopas.com/about-the-author-background/
Mario Jimenez, M.D. for Florida State Senator District 37 Signature Form: http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=2025
Spanish version: http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=2097
Letter sized map for District 37: http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=2026
Large sized map for District 37: http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=2027
Current Representatives:

District 39 (2,380 signatures needed): Sheila George
Current Representatives:

(2) Required Number of Signatures. Except in a year of apportionment as specified in Sections 99.095 and 99.09651, F.S., a candidate shall obtain the number of signatures of voters in the geographical area represented by the office sought equal to at least 1 percent of the total number of registered voters of that geographical area, as shown by the compilation by the Department of State for the immediately preceding general election. So I need to get 2,698 signatures from people in my district to get my name as a candidate.

Special district candidates may qualify by obtaining at least 25 signatures of voters in the geographical area represented by the office sought. Except for special district candidates who have not collected contributions and whose only expense is the signature verification fee and federal candidates, signatures may not be obtained until the candidate has filed the appointment of campaign treasurer and designation of campaign depository pursuant to Section 106.021, F.S. (I NEED HELP HERE): http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0100-0199/0106/Sections/0106.021.html

We must know these rules by heart: https://www.flrules.org/gateway/ruleNo.asp?id=1S-2.045

Forms we need to fill out soon:
1. Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/693631/dsde9.pdf
2. Statement of Candidate: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/693280/dsde84.pdf
3. Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Political Committees: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/693239/dsde6.pdf
4. Candidate Oath – Party Affiliation: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/693256/dsde24.pdf
5. Candidate Oath – No Party Affiliation: http://dos.myflorida.com/media/693258/dsde24b.pdf

State Senator, State Representative, County Offices, and Special Districts. (2016 Qualifying Fees for Legislative: State Senator and State Representative with No Party Affiliation: $1,187.88)
Noon, June 20 – Noon, June 24, 2016. Note: Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning June 6, 2016, pursuant to Section 99.061(8), F.S.



For instance, these rules allow for translation of petition on one side, and English on the other; also advertisement about candidate as long as signature form is separated by clear solid or dotted line, and other MANY rules.


Offices up for Election in 2016: http://dos.myflorida.com/elections/candidates-committees/offices-up-for-election/

Articles and interesting information:
www.VoteFamily.com in the news: http://www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/2015/q2/parents-victimized-dcfs-cps-create-political-party/ http://www.oppositionnews.org/articles/2015/q2/fl-parents-launch-new-family-party-slate-2016/
Family Court Corruption: FBI a No-Show

Libertarian Party of Florida: http://dos.elections.myflorida.com/committees/ComDetail.asp?account=3402
Resources and Ideas: http://championthevote.com/about.html

By now (6/26/15), you have probably heard the SCOTUS decision on “Homosexual Marriages,” setting the stage for the brainwashing and the increase of sexual abuse cases of our children. Please see just some of the countless of examples about this type of sexual abuse, which is about to increase exponentially with this decision: 12, and 3. Wonder how could these 5 Supreme Court judges be so disconnected from the true intention of the Constitution, the will and spirit of the American people? Dr. Cordero has the answer: Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing.  This action might very well be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  With Dr. Cordero’s expose of judicial corruption, a Republican president and Republican dominated Congress, some Judges may end up being impeached in 2017. As FRC put it, the SCOTUS decision was Supreme Deception.

Visit our Spanish site: VoteFamilia.Us


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