Undemocratic Practice

In a democracy, public office servants are elected by vote of The People, but not anymore in Florida, and in many other states in the nation.  I believe that this fosters unaccountability in our public servants, and is another important factor in the present corruption of our government.  In a great number of cases, public offices go unchallenged, so public servants get elected without a single vote for or against them.  Some examples include:
*63% (12/19) of State Attorneys were elected without a vote.
*68% (13/19) of Public Defenders were elected without a vote.
*45% (18/40) of State Senators about to be elected without a vote.
*68% (13/19) of Circuit Judges in Miami-Dade county, and up to 100% in other counties were elected without a vote.

Add to this undemocratic practice, the rampant violation from lawyers of the checks and balances demanded by the founders of our Constitution, and we have a recipe for disaster: http://www.votefamily.us/the-root-cause/

Proposed Solution: http://www.votefamily.us/pro-democracy-constitutional-amendment-the-right-to-vote-for-all-public-elected-officials/

State Attorney

Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
1 Eddins, William E. (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
2 Campbell, Jack  (DEM) Qualified
  Desmond, Sean T. (DEM) Qualified
  Williams, Pete  (REP) Active
3 Siegmeister, Jeff  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
4 Corey, Angela  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
  White, Wes  (REP) Qualified
5 King, Brad  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
6 McCabe, Bernie  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
7 Larizza, R. J.  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
8 Cervone, Bill  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
9 Ashton, Jeffrey L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Ayala, Aramis  (DEM) Qualified
  Vose, William  (WRI) Qualified
10 Haas, Brian  (REP) Qualified
11 Rundle, Katherine Fernandez (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
12 Brodsky, Ed  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
13 Ober, Mark  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Warren, Andrew  (DEM) Qualified
14 Hess, Glenn  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Wilson, Greg  (REP) Qualified
15 Aronberg, Dave  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
16 Margalli, Jiulio  (REP) Active
  Neiss, Shad  (LPF) Qualified
  Vogel, Catherine  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Ward, Dennis W. (REP) Active
17 Satz, Mike  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Williams, Teresa Elizabeth (DEM) Qualified
18 Archer, Phil  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
19 Colton, Bruce  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified

Public Defender

Circuit Candidate Status Primary General
1 Miller, Bruce A. (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
2 Junnier, Richard Scott (DEM) Active
  Thomas, Andy  (DEM) Qualified
3 Payne, M. Blair (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
4 Cofer, Charles  (REP) Qualified
  Falcon, Roland  (WRI) Qualified
  Shirk, Matthew (Matt) (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
5 Graves, Michael Allan (REP)  *Incumbent Active
6 Dillinger, Bob  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
7 Purdy, James S. (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
8 Scott, Stacy A. (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
9 Wesley, Bob  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
10 Dimmig, Rex  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
  Stewart, Flora Tonya (DEM) Active
11 Martinez, Carlos J. (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
12 Eger, Larry Louis (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
13 Holt, Julianne M. (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
14 Sims, Henry Mark (REP) Qualified
15 Abramson, William S. “Bill” (DEM) Qualified
  Haughwout, Carey  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
16 Gibson, Trish Docherty (DEM) Qualified
  Lockwood, Robert  (REP) Qualified
17 Finkelstein, Howard  (DEM)  *Incumbent Qualified
18 Trettis, Blaise  (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified
19 Burns, Thomas F. (REP) Active
  Litty, Diamond R. (REP)  *Incumbent Qualified

State Senator

District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Broxson, Douglas V. (REP) Active
  Hill, Mike  (REP) Active
2 Gainer, George Broward (REP) Active
3 Montford, Bill  (DEM) Active
4 Bean, Aaron Paul (REP) Active
5 Bradley, Rob  (REP) Active
6 Gibson, Audrey  (DEM) Active
7 Ceballos, Curtis  (DEM) Active
  Hutson, Travis  (REP) Active
8 Perry, Keith  (REP) Active
  Smith, Rod  (DEM) Active
9 Simmons, David  (REP) Active
10 Simpson, Wilton Earl (REP) Active
11 Bracy, Randolph  (DEM) Active
  Hays, Alan  (REP) Transferred to Local Office
  O’Neal, Chuck  (DEM) Active
  Sindler, Robert B. (DEM) Active
  Siplin, Gary  (DEM) Active
12 Baxley, Dennis K. (REP) Active
  Gee, David E (REP) Active
  O’Toole, H. Marlene (REP) Active
13 Asher, Dean  (REP) Active
  Clelland, Mike  (DEM) Active
  Roach, Judge Richardson (DEM) Active
  Sheridan, Chuck  (REP) Transferred to Local Office
  Stewart, Linda L. (DEM) Active
14 Dembinsky, Richard Paul (NPA) Active
  Hukill, Dorothy L. (REP) Active
15 Healy Jr., Bob  (DEM) Active
  Torres Jr., Victor M. (DEM) Active
  Vivaldi, Peter  (REP) Active
16 Latvala, Jack  (REP) Active
17 Duncan Jr., Christopher L. (DEM) Active
  Legg, John M. (REP) Active
  Mayfield, Debbie  (REP) Active
  Thomas, Michael J. (REP) Active
  Workman, Ritch  (REP) Active
18 Buesing, Bob  (DEM) Active
  Young, Dana D. (REP) Active
19 Narain, Edwin A. (DEM) Active
  Reed, Betty  (DEM) Active
  Rouson, Darryl E. (DEM) Active
20 Lee, Tom  (REP) Active
21 Galvano, Bill  (REP) Active
22 Stargel, Kelli Marie (REP) Active
23 Cirillo, Frank Anthony (DEM) Active
  Holder, Doug  (REP) Active
  Levine, Rick  (REP) Active
  Patterson, Nora  (REP) Active
  Pilon, Ray  (REP) Active
  Steube, W. Greg (REP) Active
24 Brandes, Jeffrey  (REP) Active
25 Moore, Bruno E. (DEM) Active
  Negron, Joe  (REP) Active
26 Grimsley, Denise  (REP) Active
27 Benacquisto, Lizbeth  (REP) Active
  Morel, Emmanuel G. (DEM) Active
28 Hudson, Matt  (REP) Active
  Passidomo, Kathleen C. (REP) Active
29 Abruzzo, Joseph  (DEM) Active
30 Bennett, Tony  (DEM) Active
  Berman, Ronald J. (REP) Active
  Powell Jr., Bobby  (DEM) Active
  Slosberg, Emily Ann (DEM) Active
31 Clemens, Jeffrey Scott (DEM) Active
32 Blimie, Emmanuel Saye (DEM) Active
  Book, Lauren Frances (DEM) Active
33 Thurston Jr., Perry E. (DEM) Active
34 Clarke-Reed, Gwyndolen “Gwyn” (DEM) Active
  Farmer, Gary  (DEM) Active
  Waldman, Jim  (DEM) Active
35 Braynon II, Oscar  (DEM) Active
36 Garcia, Rene  (REP) Active
37 Christian, Mercedes  (NPA) Active
  Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel  (REP) Active
  Rodriguez, Jose Javier (DEM) Active
38 Blemur, Anis A. (DEM) Active
  Brutus, Phillip J. (DEM) Active
  Campbell, Daphne  (DEM) Active
  Festge, Don Allen (DEM) Active
  Margolis, Gwen  (DEM) Active
39 Flores, Anitere  (REP) Active
  Korge, Andrew Michael (DEM) Active
  Lucas George, Sheila Y. (NPA) Active
40 Artiles, Frank  (REP) Active
  Bullard, Dwight Mitchell (DEM) Active
  Jimenez, Mario A. (NPA) Active

State Representative

District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Fetke, William D. (NPA) Active
  Ingram, Clay  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Robertson-Wiggins, Gloria  (DEM) Active
2 Guillory, Raymond Clayton (DEM) Active
  White, Frank Henry (REP) Active
3 Walters, Johnathan Huston (REP) Active
  Williamson, Jayer  (REP) Active
4 Bartlett, Laurie J (REP) Active
  Harris, Wayne R. (REP) Active
  Izzo, Armand G. (REP) Active
  Ponder, Mel  (REP) Active
  Tallman, Jonathan Michael (REP) Active
5 Drake, Brad  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Kilmer, Bev  (REP) Active
  Westbrook, Jamey  (NPA) Active
6 Trumbull, Jay N. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Wyche, Jerry  (DEM) Active
7 Beshears, Halsey W. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
8 Alexander, Ramon Jermaine (DEM) Active
  Burns, Richard Allen (NPA) Active
  Jackson, Clarence  (DEM) Active
  Johnson, Brad “LBJ” (DEM) Active
  Williams-Cox, Dianne  (DEM) Active
9 Ausley, Loranne  (DEM) Active
  Grice-Walker, Arnitta Jane (DEM) Active
  Johnson, Joshua Alexander (DEM) Active
  Messer, Jim  (REP) Active
10 Bullard, Jerry Lawrence (DEM) Active
  Porter, Elizabeth Whiddon (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Schutte IV, Frederick J. “Rick” (DEM) Active
11 Bunk, David Wayne (REP) Active
  Byrd, Cord  (REP) Active
  Daniels, Jack  (REP) Active
  Holloway, Barry V. (REP) Active
  Horner, Donnie  (REP) Active
  Taylor, Tom C. (REP) Active
  Treadwell, Sheri  (REP) Active
12 Black, Mark D. (REP) Active
  Clark, Richard  (REP) Active
  Freeman, Terrance Edward (REP) Active
  MacLean, Mark  (REP) Active
  Redman, Don  (REP) Active
  Yarborough, Clay  (REP) Active
13 Fullwood, Reginald N. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
  Gardner, Darren Rashaud (REP) Active
14 Daniels, Kimberly  (DEM) Active
  Fields, Terry L. (DEM) Active
  Jean-Bart, Leslie Scott (DEM) Active
  McCastler, Gracie Bell (DEM) Active
  Whitfield, Christian Marcus (REP) Active
15 Fant, Jay  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
16 Fischer, Jason Michael (REP) Active
  Kravitz, Dick  (REP) Active
  Oughton, Preston Hall (DEM) Active
17 Stevenson, Cyndi  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
18 Cummings, William Travis (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Willey, Kenneth Alvin (LPF) Active
19 Dougher, Leslie  (REP) Active
  Payne, Robert Bruce (REP) Active
  Snodgrass, Hubert Joe (DEM) Active
  Van Zant, Katherine  (REP) Active
20 Watson Jr., Clovis  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
21 Clemons Sr, Charles Wesley (REP) Active
  Lewis, Wenda  (REP) Active
  Rogers, Timothy Manning (REP) Active
  Wheeler, Marihelen Haddock (DEM) Active
22 Stone, Charlie  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
23 McClain Jr., Stanley E. (REP) Active
  Perry, Richard A. (DEM) Active
24 Morley, Thomas Adam (DEM) Active
  Renner, Paul M. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
25 Bickford, Noel Cheryl (DEM) Active
  Denys, Deborah A. (REP) Transferred to Local Office
  Leek, Thomas James (REP) Active
26 Cantu, Michael  (REP) Active
  Henry, Patrick Javan (DEM) Active
  Miller, Steven W. (DEM) Active
27 Denizac, Zenaida  (REP) Active
  Doan, Randi Marie (NPA) Active
  Mann, Robert Leo (DEM) Active
  McBride, William Richard (REP) Active
28 Brodeur, Jason  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Coakley, Julia Diane (DEM) Active
  Edmonds Jr., W. Steven (NPA) Active
  Perez, Franklin  (LPF) Active
29 Marra, Fred  (DEM) Active
  Plakon, Scott  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
30 Cortes, Bob  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Yadav, Ryan Neal (DEM) Active
31 Sullivan, Jennifer  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
32 Hayfield, Thomas Bothwell (REP) Active
  Metz, Larry  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
33 Hahnfeldt, Don V. (REP) Active
34 Massullo Jr., Ralph E. (REP) Active
35 Gutierrez, Ramon J. (DEM) Active
  Ingoglia, Blaise  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
36 Murphy, Amanda  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
37 Biedrzycki, Ronson Hale (REP) Active
  Corcoran, Richard  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
38 Burgess Jr., Daniel Wright (REP)  *Incumbent Active
39 Combee, Neil  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Sims, Victor  (DEM) Active
40 Burton, Colleen  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Terrell, Shandale  (DEM) Active
41 Davis JR., Charles A. (REP) Active
  Doyel, Robert  (DEM) Active
  Garcia, Nicolas  (DEM) Active
  Killebrew, Sam  (REP) Active
  Smith, Edwin Van (REP) Transferred to Local Office
42 La Rosa, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Valentin Jr., Bienvenido John (DEM) Active
43 Cortes, John  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
  Shaw, Sara Katherine (DEM) Active
44 Eisnaugle, Eric Jon (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Trotter, David Michael (DEM) Active
45 Brown, Kamia Latasha (DEM) Active
  Cobaris, Kelvin Larance (DEM) Active
  Jackson, Gregory Allen (DEM) Active
  Pham, Peter H. (DEM) Active
46 Antone, Bruce H. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
  Meade, Sheena  (DEM) Active
47 Curtis, Clinton Eugene (DEM) Active
  Lim, Henry  (DEM) Active
  Miller, Mike  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Tuura, Elizabeth Ann (DEM) Active
48 Barrio, Alex  (DEM) Active
  Martinez, Augustin “Gus” (NPA) Active
  Mercado, Amy  (DEM) Active
49 Mariano, Amber Lynn (REP) Active
  Silverman, Shea  (NPA) Active
  Smith, Carlos Guillermo (DEM) Active
50 Ashby, Sean Graham (DEM) Active
  Collins, George Joseph (REP) Active
  Dziekan, Tiffany Shavonne (NPA) Active
  Hardee, Chadwick Steven (REP) Active
  Plasencia, Rene “Coach P” (REP) Active
51 Blake, Michael Cavis (DEM) Active
  Goodson, Tom  (REP) Active
  Tumulty, Tim S. (REP) Active
52 Altman, Thad  (REP) Active
  Hodgers, Brian  (REP) Active
  Miller, Monique Irene (REP) Active
  VanVolkenburgh, Robert Francis (REP) Active
53 Fine, Randall Adam (REP) Active
  Kearns, David Anthony (DEM) Active
54 Glading, Dale Mark (REP) Active
  Grall, Erin  (REP) Active
  Mackay, Gregory D. (REP) Active
  Sykes, Lange  (REP) Active
55 Maxwell, Devin  (REP) Active
  Munnings Sr., Tony J. (DEM) Active
  Pigman, Edwin Cary (REP)  *Incumbent Active
56 Albritton, Ben  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Poulin, David Charles (DEM) Active
57 Raburn, Jake  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
58 Raulerson, Daniel D. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Vazquez Figueroa, Jose N. (DEM) Active
59 Sahebzamani, Golnaz  (DEM) Active
  Spano, Vincent Ross (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Upshaw-Frazier, Rena Jade (DEM) Active
60 Lingelbach, John F. (NPA) Active
  Singer, David Benjamin (DEM) Active
  Smith, Rebecca  (REP) Active
  Toledo, Jackeline  (REP) Active
61 Hart, Dianne  (DEM) Active
  Shaw, Sean Michael (DEM) Active
  Smith II, Walter Lee (DEM) Active
62 Rifkin, Janet Cruz (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
63 Harrison, Shawn Edward (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Montelione, Lisa J. (DEM) Active
  Reedy, Mike  (DEM) Active
64 Grant, James William (REP)  *Incumbent Active
65 Sprowls, Chris  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
66 Ahern, Larry  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Grizzle, Lorena  (DEM) Active
67 Latvala, Christopher John (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Vogel, David Saul (DEM) Active
68 Bensmihen, Joseph JB (REP) Active
  Diamond, Benjamin Frank (DEM) Active
  Dudley, Dwight Richard (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
69 Peters, Kathleen Mick (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Webb, Jennifer  (DEM) Active
70 Fiorini, Dan  (DEM) Active
  Fournier, Cori Steven (REP) Active
  Newton Sr., Wengay M. (DEM) Active
71 Boyd, Jim  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
72 Blackwell, Sara Kathleen (REP) Active
  James III, Edward Elliot (DEM) Active
  Miller, Alexandra Cynthia (REP) Active
73 Golden, James T. (DEM) Active
  Gruters, Joe  (REP) Active
  Vernon, Steve  (REP) Active
74 Gonzalez, Julio  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Lopez Jr., Manuel Gerald (DEM) Active
75 Grant, Michael  (REP) Active
76 Rodrigues, Ray  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
77 Eagle, Dane  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
78 Fitzenhagen, Heather D. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
79 Caldwell, Matt  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Scott, John Walter (DEM) Active
80 Davidow, Joseph Asher (REP) Active
  Donalds, Byron  (REP) Active
81 Rader, Kevin J. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
82 Higgins, Mary W. (DEM) Active
  Magar, MaryLynn  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
83 Harrell, Gayle  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Lucas, Crystal Mills (DEM) Active
84 Lee Jr., Larry  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
85 Rideout II, Gerald “Jay” Sherman (DEM) Active
  Rooney Jr., Patrick J. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
86 Bennett, Laurel S. (REP) Active
  Mears, Stuart Wade (REP) Active
  Pena, Tinu  (DEM) Active
  Willhite, Matt  (DEM) Active
87 Ayoub, Darren James (DEM) Active
  Kerner, David  (DEM)  *Incumbent Transferred to Local Office
  Savietto, Virginia  (DEM) Active
  Silvers, David Ryan (DEM) Active
88 Ferguson, Edwin  (DEM) Active
  Gray, Angeleta “Angie”  (DEM) Active
  Jacquet, Al  (DEM) Active
89 Cyr, Nichole Sue (DEM) Active
  Hager, Bill  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
90 Berman, Lori Beth (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
91 Fleming, Ryan Lee (REP) Active
  Slosberg, Irving  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
92 Armstead, Paulette V. (DEM) Active
  Hawkins-Williams, Patricia  (DEM) Active
  Hicks, Raymond Lamar (DEM) Active
  Kurian, Sajan  (DEM) Active
  Rawls, Whitney Prescott (DEM) Active
93 Keechl, Kenneth Eddie (DEM) Active
  Moraitis Jr., George R. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Oberman, Douglas M. (DEM) Active
94 DuBose, Bobby B. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
95 Jabouin Sr., Patrick  (DEM) Active
  Lynch, Robert Lee (DEM) Active
  Omphroy, Anika Tene (DEM) Active
  Russell, Barrington Anthony (DEM) Active
  Valies, Roxanne Y. (DEM) Active
96 Jacobs, Kristin  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
97 Moskowitz, Jared Evan (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
98 Edwards, Katie A. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
99 Jenne, Evan  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
100 Geller, Joseph S. “Joe” (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
101 Jones, Shevrin Dion (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
102 Pritchett, Sharon  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
103 Diaz Jr., Manny  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Petkovich, Ivette Gonzalez (DEM) Active
104 Stark, Richard Neil (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
105 Dotres, Victor  (REP) Active
  Trujillo, Carlos  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
106 Hiller, Georgia A. (REP) Transferred to Local Office
  Kirkpatrick, Lavigne Ann (REP) Active
  Rommel, Robert G. (REP) Active
  Smith, Brandon M. (NPA) Active
107 Estime-Irvin, Mary  (DEM) Active
  Watson, Barbara A. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
108 Collie-Echoles, Taj  (DEM) Active
  Delica, Fayola  (DEM) Active
  Duge’, Moise  (DEM) Active
  Hardemon, Roy  (DEM) Active
  Malone Jr., Robert  (DEM) Active
  Menes, Francesca  (DEM) Active
  Patel, Hemant “Henry” D. (DEM) Active
  Pierre, Nadia  (DEM) Active
  Steril, Marie Erlande (DEM) Active
109 Stafford, Cynthia Ann (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
110 Oliva, Jose  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
111 Avila, Bryan  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
112 Davey, Michael William (REP) Active
  Diaz, Antonio Javier (DEM) Active
  Duran, Nicholas Xavier (DEM) Active
  Faura Jr., Waldo  (DEM) Active
  Palomino, Rosa Maria (REP) Active
113 Richardson, David  (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
  Valdes, Reinaldo  (DEM) Active
  Weithorn, Deede  (DEM) Active
114 Baez, Daisy J. (DEM) Active
  Couriel, John D. (REP) Active
  Pazos, Jose M. (REP) Active
  Santana, Alberto L. (DEM) Active
115 Bileca, Michael  (REP)  *Incumbent Active
  Hancock, Ross  (DEM) Active
  Lamigueiro, Susie  (NPA) Active
116 Diaz, Jose Felix (REP)  *Incumbent Active
117 Agosto, Patricia Mariella (NPA) Active
  McGhee, Kionne L. (DEM)  *Incumbent Active
118 Asencio, Robert  (DEM) Active
  Rivera, David  (REP) Active
  Rodriguez, Anthony  (REP) Active
  Rojas Tallon, Steven Anthony (REP) Active
  Sosa, Arthur A. (NPA) Active
119 Nunez, Jeanette M. (REP)  *Incumbent Active
120 Diaz, Kevin  (DEM) Active
  Horton, Daniel Edward (DEM) Active
  Raschein, Holly  (REP)  *Incumbent Active

Supreme Court Justice

Candidate Status Primary General
Canady, Charles T. (NOP) Qualified
Labarga, Jorge  (NOP) Qualified
Polston, Ricky L. (NOP) Qualified

District Court of Appeal

District Candidate Status Primary General
1 Bilbrey, Ross  (NOP) Qualified
  Kelsey, Susan  (NOP) Qualified
  Rowe, Lori S. (NOP) Qualified
  Wetherell, Kent  (NOP) Qualified
  Winokur, Bo  (NOP) Qualified
  Wolf, Jim  (NOP) Qualified
2 Badalamenti, John  (NOP) Qualified
  Crenshaw, Marva L. (NOP) Qualified
  Kelly, Patricia J (NOP) Active
  Khouzam, Nelly N. (NOP) Qualified
  Lucas, Matt  (NOP) Qualified
  Morris, Robert  (NOP) Qualified
  Northcutt, Stevan Travis (NOP) Qualified
  Salario Jr., Samuel  (NOP) Qualified
  Villanti, Craig C. (NOP) Qualified
  Wallace, Douglas Alan (NOP) Qualified
3 Scales, Edwin A. (NOP) Qualified
  Wells, Linda Ann (NOP) Qualified
4 Ciklin, Cory J. (NOP) Qualified
  Damoorgian, Dorian K. (NOP) Qualified
  Gerber, Jonathan D. (NOP) Qualified
  Gross, Robert Marc (NOP) Qualified
  Levine, Spencer D. (NOP) Qualified
  May, Melanie G. (NOP) Qualified
5 Cohen, Jay  (NOP) Qualified
  Edwards, James A (NOP) Qualified
  Lambert, Brian  (NOP) Qualified
  Torpy Jr., Vincent G. (NOP) Qualified

Circuit Judge

Circuit / Group Candidate Status Primary General
1 / 2 Brown, John Thomas (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 1 / 3 Flowers, Michael A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 1 / 11 Robinson, Coleman Lee (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 1 / 21 Stone, William Francis (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
2 / 9 Gievers, Karen  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 2 / 11 Caloca-Johnson, Dawn  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 2 / 14 Hankinson, James C. (Jimmy) (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 2 / 15 Sjostrom, Jonathan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
3 / 1 Bryan, Paul S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
4 / 1 Aho, Marianne Lloyd (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 2 Healey, Russell  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 9 Anderson, Bruce R. (NOP) Qualified
   Trotti, David P. (NOP) Qualified
 4 / 12 Cox, Angela M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 15 Fahlgren, Steven  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 20 Mahon, Mark  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 23 Schemer, Jack Marvin (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 25 Hulsey, Mark  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 4 / 31 McCallum, Linda F. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
5 / 1 Hodges, Robert W. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 2 Semento, Lawrence J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 9 Eineman, Thomas Ralph (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 15 Scaglione, Donald E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 21 Craggs, Ann Melinda (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 23 Robbins, Sandra Sue (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 24 Pope, Willard Ira (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 5 / 25 Hallman III, William Henry “Bud” (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
6 / 3 Ramsberger, Peter  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 5 Coleman, Sherwood S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 18 Muscarella, Patricia A. “Trish” (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 19 Helinger, Jack  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 20 Moore, Patrice  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 22 Newton, Cynthia  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 27 Meyer, Keith  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 29 Andrews, Michael Francis (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 6 / 30 Todd, Kimberly “Kim” (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
7 / 3 Foxman, Matt  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 7 / 4 France, Chris  (NOP) Qualified
   Slack, Sebrina L. (NOP) Qualified
   Warren, Stasia  (NOP) Qualified
 7 / 5 Craig, Dennis  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 7 / 10 Anthony, Malcolm  (NOP) Qualified
   DuPont, Scott  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Riecks, Jim  (NOP) Active
 7 / 13 Hood, David  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   McNeilly, A “Kathleen” (NOP) Active
 7 / 17 McGillin Jr., Howard O. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 7 / 22 Nichols, Dawn D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
8 / 2 Kreider, David  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 8 / 3 Roundtree Jr., Robert E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 8 / 6 Keim, Donna M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 8 / 9 Moseley, Mark W. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 8 / 10 Colaw, James M. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 8 / 12 Brasington, Monica J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
9 / 3 Craner II, A. James (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 4 Burey, Orley  (NOP) Qualified
   Calderon, Luis  (NOP) Qualified
   Davis, Joseph Haynes (NOP) Qualified
 9 / 6 Underwood, Christi  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 8 Blackwell, Alice L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 9 Roche, Renee  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 13 Myers, Don  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 14 DeYoung, Lorraine Elizabeth (NOP) Qualified
   Traver, Dan  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 17 Egan, Robert  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 23 O’Kane, Julie  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 25 Tynan, Greg Allen (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 29 Strowbridge, Patricia  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 9 / 38 Munyon, Lisa T. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
10 / 1 Jacobsen, Donald G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 4 Butz, Kelly P. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 9 Spoto, Keith Peter (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 12 Raiden, Michael E. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 13 Masters, Ellen S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 15 Ojeda, Reinaldo  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 17 Abdoney, J. Kevin (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 20 Cowden, Angela Jane (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 10 / 22 Yancey, James Alan (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
11 / 3 Schlesinger, John Charles (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 6 Ruiz II, Rodolfo “Rudy” Armando (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 9 Bloch, Jason Edward (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Del Rey, Marcia  (NOP) Qualified
 11 / 10 Bernstein, Scott  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 12 Soto, Bertila A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 20 Thornton Jr., John W. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 28 Bailey, Jennifer D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 30 Espinosa, Daniel Alberto (NOP) Active
   López, Jorge A. (NOP) Active
   Rodriguez, Rosa I. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 32 Areces, Barbara  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 34 Blumstein, Mark  (NOP) Qualified
   Gordon, Renee  (NOP) Qualified
   Jimenez, Antonio G. (NOP) Transferred to Local Office
   Martinez-Scanziani, Denise  (NOP) Qualified
   Perez-Medina, Luis  (NOP) Qualified
 11 / 39 Young, David  (NOP) Qualified
 11 / 40 Thomas, William  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 41 Hirsch, Milton “Milt”  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 45 Cohen, Samantha Ruiz (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 52 Aponte, Rosy A. (NOP) Qualified
   Breece, Carol “Jodie” (NOP) Qualified
   Perez-Ceballos, Raul  (NOP) Qualified
   Rodriguez-Fonts, Oscar  (NOP) Qualified
 11 / 59 Sayfie, Nushin G. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 62 Gordo, Monica  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 11 / 66 Luck, Robert Joshua (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Roberson, Yolly  (NOP) Active
 11 / 74 Ortega-Tauler, Elena  (NOP) Qualified
   Sarduy, George “Jorge” A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
12 / 2 Moreland, Diana Lee (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 12 / 11 Krug, Thomas W. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
13 / 3 Fuson, Robin Fernandez (NOP) Qualified
   Hinson, Carl  (NOP) Qualified
 13 / 4 Rice, Liz  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 6 Tibbals, Wesley  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 17 Nash, Chris  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 22 Almeida-Pomponio, Denise D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 23 Kiser, Mark  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 24 Boza Sevelin, Isabel Cissy (NOP) Qualified
   Dolgin, Gary  (NOP) Qualified
   Polo, Melissa  (NOP) Qualified
   Williams-Yulee, Lanell  (NOP) Qualified
 13 / 36 Battles, Emmett Lamar (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 13 / 37 Barber, Tom  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
14 / 1 Register, Tim  (NOP) Qualified
 14 / 2 Mallory, Pete  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 14 / 5 Patterson, Christopher N. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 14 / 8 Clark Jr., Brantley S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
15 / 1 Keever, Dina  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Ostrov, Robert “Rob” (NOP) Qualified
 15 / 2 Coates Jr., Howard Kelly (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 3 Gershman, Robert Scott (NOP) Active
   Johnson, Laura  (NOP) Qualified
 15 / 4 Delgado, Luis “Lou” (NOP) Qualified
   Tendrich, Gregory  (NOP) Qualified
   Zubkoff, Jeremy M. (NOP) Qualified
 15 / 7 Caracuzzo, Cheryl Annette (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 9 Artau, Edward  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 10 Marx, Krista  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 15 Sasser, Meenu  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 17 Suskauer, Scott  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 23 Kastrenakes, John S. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 28 Volker, Kirk  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 31 Hafele, Donald W. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 15 / 33 Small, Lisa  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
16 / 2 Koenig, Timothy J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
17 / 2 Gillespie, Kenneth L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 4 Williams, Elijah Harold (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 6 Rodriguez, Carlos A. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 9 Gundersen, Andrea Ruth (NOP) Qualified
   Krauss, Lea P. (NOP) Qualified
   Streeter, Maxine K. (NOP) Qualified
 17 / 13 Tieman-Bristol, Hope  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 14 Haury Jr., William W. “Bill” (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 15 Curry Jr., Haccord James (NOP) Qualified
   Destry, Matthew Isaac (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Duffy, Barbara Roseann (NOP) Active
   Greenwald, Brian Frederick (NOP) Qualified
   Rifkin, Abbe Sheila (NOP) Qualified
 17 / 22 Rebollo, Carlos  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 23 McCarthy, Barbara  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
   Salomon, David A. (NOP) Qualified
 17 / 24 Inkeles, Doreen Turner (NOP) Qualified
   Lynch, Michael  (NOP) Qualified
 17 / 28 Pertnoy, Mason Andrew (NOP) Active
 17 / 47 Porter, Lisa  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 48 Lipner, Ryan Adam (NOP) Active
   Ross, Stacy Michelle (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 50 Gates, Michael L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 51 Perlman, Sandra  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 17 / 53 Merrigan Jr., Edward Harold (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
18 / 1 McKibben, Kelly Jo (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 18 / 3 Recksiedler, Jessica J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 18 / 6 Dugan, David  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 18 / 9 Henderson, Steve  (NOP) Qualified
   Moletteire, Bob  (NOP) Qualified
   Sanchez, Christina  (NOP) Qualified
 18 / 16 Rudisill, Michael J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 18 / 22 Reinman, Morgan Laur (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
19 / 1 Allen, Beth Elaine (NOP) Qualified
   McCann, James W. “Jim” (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 19 / 2 Sweet, Gary L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 19 / 6 McNicholas, Michael J. (NOP) Qualified
   Meadows, Robert “Bob” (NOP) Qualified
   Moylan, Kiernan Patrick (NOP) Qualified
   Villafranco, Leonard Silvio (NOP) Qualified
 19 / 8 Croom, Janet Carney (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 19 / 9 Schwab, Charles  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
20 / 7 Shenko, Jim  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 10 Thompson, Nick  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 12 Rosman, Jay B. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 13 Manalich, Ramiro  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 15 Laboda, Alane  (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 19 Sloan, James D. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 22 Brodie, Lauren L. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified
 20 / 24 Branning, Robert J. (NOP)  *Incumbent Qualified

Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement Dist

Seat Candidate Status Primary General
  1 Farsi, Richard  (NOP) Active
   Welch, Michael J (NOP) Active
  3 Yasin, Mohamed Jamall (NOP) Active
  5 Hoover, Katyna “Katy”  (NOP) Active



Taking Our Families Back