Alexandre Ferrari
Alexandre Ferrari for House District 81

Great News! Alexandre Ferrari has joined the VoteFamily.Us coalition to protect Florida families.

His experience with a completely dysfunctional family court system prompted him to seek a political office as the state representative for district 81.

“The struggle of Alexandre Ferrari has been the opposite of many families: for years he has custody of the children and try to get child support from the mother, who lives in Brazil. The legal battle takes place in the United States and Brazil, but being a single parent, Alexander says the law does not seem to be as comprehensive as with mothers.

Today, Alexandre lives with her youngest son, Enzo, 14, while his eldest daughter, Victoria, 16, lives with her maternal grandmother in Pompano Beach, since 2011. As the grandmother asked for government help, Alexander was cited by the Department of Revenue (DOR) and pays pension to the maternal grandmother, while not receive anything, not the government nor the mother, to take care of the youngest child.” See article:



Taking Our Families Back