You can watch our full series of Lawless Family Courts at

You can watch our full series of Lawless Family Courts at:


We are committed to help reform family courts. We need to remove legislators and others  standing in the way with conflicts of interest and more interest in money than our children and families.

View a video on Senator Creem and the Family Court Crisis at:

Experts have agreed for over ten years now that sole custody is child abuse. Yet divorce judges award sole custody over 85% of the time making them the most prolific child abusers on the planet.  Why? Because states receive BILLIONS of dollars annually from the federal government in matching funds for child support (SSA Title IVd). Because profit, sexism and tradition override justice and the law.  Because no one is watching judges or trying to fix this problem.

Billions in financial  incentives for insiders drive policies and determine the training of judges. Legal fees drive the behavior of lawyers who average $78,000 in billings per litigated divorce in the U.S. today according to The Wall Street Journal.

We have prepared several resources with quick and easy information on this subject.  – Over 1,200 pages of information for parents trapped in the broken divorce industy  – The results of decades of research on what is really best for children – Coaching for parents through the divorce racket and around the “legal” system

Video on the abuse of Restraining Orders:

Fathers Corner Show on Senator Creem and the Family Court Crisis:

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