We need to create of a national JAM Super PAC (Judicial Accountability Movement) to help elect better judges and expose judicial corruption, uniting all victims of judicial misconduct nationwide.

I found this primer on Super PACs that I believe could be very useful:  HERE.  Some points to note in the article:

1. Super PACs may apply to federal and state elections, so they can get involved in exposing less than honest judges in any state: “Most state agencies and courts that have considered the question have similarly concluded that the right to fund and operate independent expenditure-only PACs applies equally in state and local elections.”

2. “Super PACs can raise unlimited sums from individuals, corporations, partnerships, and unions, and use those funds to pay for independent expenditures that advocate for the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.”

3. Social goals, i.e. Judicial fairness/accountability is a valid reason to create a Super PAC:  “It is common for Super PACs to be associated with organizations operating under other sections of the tax code. For example, Super PACs sometimes have a related “social welfare organization” that is focused on issues instead of electing candidates. These social welfare groups, which are also referred to as 501(c)(4) organizations for the section of the tax code under which they operate, are not-for-profit entities that often advocate for legislative changes, including social goals (such as guns, abortion, or immigration), or economic goals (such as aiding America’s farm families).” In essence, I would like to know who in this group is interested in helping create a Super PAC for the above state purpose? ”

In essence, we need to create a Super PAC for the above-stated purposes.  Judges must know that there will be serious consequences to their lawless actions. They are not above the law; they are not gods. They are servants of the people. All judges and attorneys found to have betrayed the American people will be drained from the swamp, like it happened to the Clintons.  No wonder attorneys gave over 3,600% more money to Clinton than to Trump 🙂 No matter how much they tried to lie to the American people, they failed, and now their time in the swamp is about over.

Judges Pedro Echarte, Mindy Glazer, Scott Bernstein (see HERE), and many other judges are at their best incompetent, and at their worst are part of a sophisticated racket to extort money from innocent victims (see Divorce Corp Documentary).  They are part of a clique, best friends that you recognize easily by a common factor: they all won their last “elections” without anyone running against them because this clique controls what attorneys can run in different races and the funding of these races.  What a bunch of unaccountable, crooked judges!

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