Rand Paul could win millions of supporters overnight

Rand Paul could win millions of supporters overnight

Rand Paul’s proposed DCF/Family court statement:

This is a statement some insiders are working on to get the parental rights’ movement behind a candidate to most effectively effect the change we want.  We should not care what candidate or party we end up supporting as long as he/she commits to support our cause. So far, Rand Paul’s campaign is the only paying attention to our cries. Let’s us support those candidates that support our families. Let us bring our children back!  See video that explains DCF abuses: http://www.cross.tv/144225

The key success to anything we do is being united, putting our kids, and families 1st. In order to be heard, we need to show the political establishment that we are a national block of voters that can make or break a presidential election. No better time than now in the primaries. We can certainly change the political field in these elections.

First thing, forget about political affiliations, the color of your skin, race, gender, religion, age, etc., and all that divides us. Let’s support those who support us. So far, the only one that is paying any attention is Rand Paul’s campaign. I was supporting Dr. Carson, tried to get his support, but never got a reply, so I am moving on. I support the candidate that cares about DCF/family court reform, and at this time, it looks like it is Dr. Rand Paul.

There are virtually millions of parents negatively affected by DCF/family court corruption. We have huge numbers, and can bring him or any other candidate victory in the primaries. We need to move quickly because the best time to act is before the presidential primaries because that is where we can be most visible. To make a bigger difference, I recently changed my party affiliation from Libertarian to Republican so I can vote in the primaries for Rand or whoever comes up supporting our cause. Unfortunately, Hillary (an attorney) is highly unlikely to support these changes, and she is most likely to win on the Democrat side.

I have great doubts about Cruz and/or Rubio because they are attorneys as well, and have an inherent conflict of interest being part of the BAR; see http://www.votefamily.us/the-root-cause/ for details. As far as Trump, I recently met with a Democrat campaign adviser, and he was dancing with joy with Trump’s poll numbers because he was 100% sure that in a head to head confrontation, Hillary would win. I concur with him, at least in South Florida. Most Hispanics and Blacks I have spoken with, highly dislike Trump, and I am near 100% sure that in a general presidential race, Trump would lose South Florida, and Florida for that matter (I also predicted the debacle in Iraq, the Housing Crash of 2008, and many other events with a near 100% prediction rate ). I am not sure about all other states, but Florida would be lost if Trump wins the primaries (some even believe that he is a Trojan horse for the Clinton’s).

If anyone receiving this e-mail can get Hillary to agree with the proposed statement, I will switch parties tomorrow and vote for her in the primaries smile emoticon My main goal is having our children and families protected. If she does it, she has my vote.

The proposed statement has not been officially released by Rand Paul’s campaign, but we are working on it. If Rand Paul releases this statement, the parental rights movement needs to go all out and support his campaign. This will send a strong message to other candidates that they need to pay attention to our movement.

“January 2016

It has come to the attention that a growing number of citizens have been trying to draw the attention of our politicians to the atrocities of the Family Court System. Their concerns have been falling on deaf ears from politicians from all around the country. However, the Rand Paul Campaign hears your pleas and will no longer allow your voices to go unheard. It is the belief of this campaign that the rights for two fit, loving parents, are inalienable. For too long the Family Courts have ruled from the bench, ignoring Federal Laws, misinterpreting State Laws, in a system that feeds off of the best interest of money. The Courts have been maximizing the amount of child support that fathers and mothers have to pay, which in the current system, is directly tied to the amount of time one is allowed to spend with their own child. This makes the Family Court seem more of Gladiatorial Arena, pitting Mom against Dad. The statistics show that the outcome of these cases are extremely bias in their outcomes, favoring mothers, 85% of the time, versus 15% for fathers. The President believes that more fathers need to “step up to the plate”. Well, Mr. President, this campaign believes that the plate has been taken away from these parents and the umpires are making a living off of destroying these people’s lives.

For too long the State Governments have collected money, from the Federal Government, through Title IV – D funding. Which as a consequence, has incentivized judges to maximize child support orders, by limiting the time of one parent, in order to increase the profitability of that funding. The amounts vary from state to state but the truth is that this is nothing more than a financial incentive that is directly tied to the outcomes of each and every court case. The fact that judges’ income is directly tied to the outcome of each and every case has made the Family Law Courts become a corrupt court of equity, rather than a Court of Law with equal protection under the law.

It is this campaign’s belief that the rights of parents are inalienable and can no longer be used as leverage for the financial incentives of these courts. This campaign believes that there should be a Constitutional Amendment, ensuring that in Family Law Courts, protecting the rights of parents is no longer a battle. That unless proven, through a criminal court, with evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt, all judges should be mandated to order equal parenting time, or as close to equal parenting time as possible, in the beginning of all custody cases.

Law enforcement officers will no longer be constrained to act upon the pleas of parents who are falling victim to corrupt courts and parents that use this system as a means to control their former partner and alienate their children from them. Under this campaign’s administration, law-enforcement will be directed to prosecute, and be educated regarding, the criminal activities of parents that want to use their children as weapons against their other parent, and who utilize the court system to their advantage.

It is this campaign’s promise to every parent in this country and every child, “Your rights are inalienable, and we will do everything in our power to fix this broken system.””

Additionally, we are trying to get Rand Paul on video answering the following questions. We were asked to prepare a list of organization with approximate numbers that could be added to his campaign if he satisfactorily answers these questions.

1. Do you believe that children have the right to TWO fit and loving biological parents, regardless of marital status?

2. Do you agree that the FAMILY LAW Courts are not designed to handle cases of Domestic Violence cases?

3. Would you support a measure to make it so that ONLY CRIMINALLY ADJUDICATED CRIMINAL CHARGES, done through a CRIMINAL COURT, should be allowed to be submitted in FAMILY LAW Courts.

4. Would you advocate and support a bill that abolishes Title IV funding?

5. Would you support a Constitutional Amendment declaring, unless CRIMINALLY ADJUDICATED, two FIT AND LOVING BIOLOGICAL PARENTS, and their children, have EQUAL PROTECTION to those rights, from the BEGINNING of FAMILY LAW Court cases?

I just contacted a few people in the parents’ rights movement, and from one organization alone, I got the commitment of leaders of one of these organizations with the potential of over 100,000 voters/supporters overnight for Rand Paul.  I believe that Rand Paul should consult with his dad,  and find out how powerful this voting block could be for his campaign.


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Rand Paul could win millions of supporters overnight


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