Religious Persecution In America

 Religious Persecution In America

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If I had not lived it in my own flesh, I would not have believed the corruption that is taking place in our judicial system today.  The attacks against the Constitution by corrupt attorneys and judges is rampant and shameless, especially in state courts, where judges depend on campaign contributions from attorneys and their firms to remain in office (contributions up to $1000.00/attorney/law firm), and then, the same attorneys come before these judges knowing fully well that these judges will side with them, despite attorneys flagrantly violating the rule of law and the Constitution, as done in my case:

My case is a perfect example of this corruption.  I lost shared custody of my two older children via a purported telephonic emergency hearing without being even notified of it by corrupt family court judges who accepted false evidence from my ex’s attorneys accusing me that I scared my children when I prayed with them The Armor Of God, and then threw the real evidence to the garbage (see, and sign petition).  From then on, I decided to fight this unbelievable attack to our Constitution and parental rights. If these individuals were able to do this to me, they could do it to anyone, and I want to make sure that this never happens to another family in Florida, where I reside, or in the U.S.A. for that matter.  To this end, I am running for the Florida Senate in 2016, and I need your support to help me fight for our Constitutional rights and our nation.  Together we can defeat this evil.

In order to put pressure on Federal judges to do what is in the best interest of Americans, and protect our religious freedoms, I submitted  a writ of certiorari to US Supreme Court.  I did not have legal representation because my previous attorneys betrayed me:  To be honest, I have done better with myself than with my previous attorneys who where more interesting in stretching the case as much as possible rather than solving it.  Here is why you should not trust attorneys:

For your reference: My initial Federal Civil Rights violations/Removal lawsuit is here:, with exhibits Part 1 and  Part 2 .  The ORDER OF DISMISSAL is HERE.

My appeal:, and Index to the Appendix for Opening Brief On Appeal are here: Part 1 and Part 2.

The appeal’s court opinion denying my appeal:

My Petition for Rehearing:, which was denied on April 26, 2016, so I have 90 days from this date to file with the Supreme Court:

Federal Petition for rehearing of appeal denied on April 26, 2016, and mandated on May 4, 2016, so my only other option for redress of grievances is to submit a writ of certiorari to US Supreme Court as I did here:


Thank you.

Mario A. Jimenez, M.D.

If you want to learn how I learned to defend myself, as I did here:, and get an Honorary Law degree in the process, buy this law course and $40 will be donated towards my campaign:

Order that caused Federal Removal on Feb. 23, 1015.

Petition For Panel Rehearing





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