The Problem/Solutions

Over 20 million children (
live today in  single parents homes in great part, according to experts in the field, see VoteFamily.Us, because of government-sponsored child trafficking via “family” courts.  All over America today, children are removed from parents without the due process of law by Child Protective Services (CPS)/Department of Children and Families (DCF), with many of them ending up dying or being abused, like in Florida where more than 534 lost their lives in last six years:  At the core of these CPS/DCF atrocities is federally funded title IV-E. See evidence:

Similarly, millions of children are growing up without a parent because of state sponsored division of the family via title IV-D of the social security which pays a dollar for every dollar the state can get from non-custodial parents in child support, plus billions in federal incentives. This state incentives encourage the separation of children from one of the parents with terrible consequences not only to the children but the whole society.  See evidence:

Statistically, these children are far more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, commit a crime or perform below his peers in education, contributing to the deterioration of society as a whole:

What is even more troubling is the connection between family court abuses and child suicides. Approximately one youth attempts suicide every 3 minutes, and one of them actually dies in the attempt every 2 hours.  Approximately 2 out of 3 of these youths are victims of the divorce industry.  Custodial interference, like the one promoted by family courts, in the past year is associated with an increased risk for suicidal ideation of up 4.5 times greater (350% increase) vs children without this history. See more:

Common solutions: defund these federal anti-life, anti-family programs, and replace them with pro-life and pro-family programs. Instead of our federal funds promoting abortion, let them promote adoption; instead of incentivicing children separation from parents, it should promote programs to keep children with both parents. The very survival of this nation depends on it. Weaken the family, and you weaken society. Continue in the path of destruction of the family and our nation will be destroyed.

Here are the two solutions we are proposing. We need to organize a nation-wide movement with the following objectives:

We owe it to our children;  we owe it to our nation!  From about 20% in the 60’s to over 70% today, black children live today without one parent because of government policies that promote the separation of the natural family.  Similar increases are observed in the rest of the American population. This is at the root of the destruction of America, and the disintegration of the natural family.  We hope that President Trump and his administration finally defund these anti-natural family policies: Title IV-D and IV-E of the social security, as a number of organizations are requesting.  See letters below.
 Dr. Jimenez, www.VoteMario.Us
America has lost its morals and values. God is calling America to repentance:

Taking Our Families Back