Mrs Mercedes Christian in Senate District 37

Meet Mercedes Christian, 90 y/o children’s advocate,

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Meet Mercedes Christian from Leaders of Peace who has volunteered her organization’s services to serve as supervisor. Her organization does this for free.

Who we are

A foundation created to rescue the victims of domestic violence and child abuse.  An organization that listens to you, a voice that represents you and a helping hand that strengthens you.
Led by Ms. Mercedes Christian, who for 25 years has given his life has restored to the victims of violence.

Mercedes Christian

At 86 years old Mercedes Christian begins his day taking phone calls, listening to new cases and seeking protection and assistance for each of the victims who come to the Foundation. From there it began a tireless work, addressing every detail of the problem, find solutions and advice for women and their children.
Its goal is to work with them to achieve the restoration of their lives, a way that Mercedes knows very closely, as it has experienced firsthand the pain and suffering of losing a child. A sad chapter that motivated her to help others, to create the Foundation and become the writer and director of her own
As a victim of domestic violence to Mercedes grabbed his son only 3 years old old. Nineteen years later, Mercedes recover its small and currently delivers every day of your life, every penny of their budget, every ounce of energy and every word of faith to women
in distress, victims of pain and distress that cause domestic violence and its consequences.Meanwhile Mercedes is developing another project “Justice is blind,” a film based on a real life event, where she lived from about the lies and injustices that were woven alredor of the victim and her children, the truth of a infamy, the manipulation of law and the pride of a judge who sowed slander for making the accuser and accused Justice last.

Restoring lives

Thanks to these challenges, and dozens of dramatic cases, the Leaders of Peace Foundation has established a mission of love and restoration to the victims, offering advice and counseling, guidance and rebuilding the lives of victims and their children, tracking close to each
one of the cases and supporting victims to achieve achieve their goals.
Leaders of Peace focuses on faith and prayer to feed the spirit of Fortaleza and work with the self-esteem of the victims to be able to build a successful future for themselves.


Mrs Mercedes Christian in Senate District 35
Mrs Mercedes Christian in Senate District 35

One thought on “Mrs Mercedes Christian in Senate District 37”

  1. Dear Mrs. Christian,
    I tried to call you today concerning your position on a US Constitution Article V Convention. Here is some background information. If you would, please review and get back to me on your position (yes or no).
    The Federal Government is out of control fiscally and otherwise. We have amassed a debt of $19 trillion dollars and the CBO only estimates more debt in the future. Our interest only payment on this debt is $430 BILLION a year and will only increase as we go. The Federal Government has shown that it is unable to change the slope of the debt/interest payments curve and therefore we are working to take back control as allowed under Article V of the US Constitution ( allows states to add amendments to the Constitution without interference from the government). We have six states already that have passed their resolution for an Article V Convention. We need 34 to complete the process. By the way Florida is one of the states to have passed the resolution through the state legislature (See HM381, 2014).
    Since you are running for state senator in District 35,I want to know if you support our plan to call for a Convention of States under Article V. Please let me know his position.
    If you would like to discuss this further, please call the number below.
    Thank you for your time.

    George Bieberbach
    Region 10 Captain

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